After Theatre School

Nick May

I remember someone asking me what my fall back plan would be if I didn’t make it as an actor. I was cocky and I responded with “I don’t have one, because I don’t plan on falling.” And after being pressed, I think I followed up with “If all else fails, I’ll just start my own theatre company and produce my own work.”

Melanie McSweeney

One year after graduating, I got a call asking if I wanted to travel to Skagway, Alaska, live in a log cabin and perform a show. I said yes.


I love theatre. For years it was my life, my home, my safe place. I was literally a walking, talking encyclopedia of all things performing arts. I loved it so much. My goal was always to trust in the process, train with the best, and make it to Broadway AND Hollywood! I wanted so badly to be part of that big, shiny world.

Stacey Arseneau

I graduated from Theatre School in 2011. I spent some time trying to “make it” as an artist but the reality of being an artist was a lot more difficult than I ever imagined. I am not a working artist, in fact I am currently working for a Global Recruitment Firm as an Implementation Consultant,[…]

Mark Keller

How I Found Myself by Killing Bugs in Australia – I was in the acting conservatory at York University. It was an incredible program and I will always cherish my experience there. It was there that I fell in love with Angels in America and The Laramie Project; with movement and avant garde theatre and[…]

Jess Bryson

I went to UBC theatre in 2004. The program required you do a year of their theatre theory and acting classes, then you audition for the main program. I had gone to an arts school, so I was familiar with both. The teacher was a walking stereotype of an acting teacher. Stretchy pants and thin[…]

Josh Downing

I was a star. I could feel it in my bones. In grade 2 I acted and directed my classmates in an adaptation I wrote from a school storybook. Teachers were so impressed they let me tour my little show to other classes.

Sanjay Lago

My name is Sanjay Lago and I am an actor and theatremaker based in Scotland. I graduated with a BA Hons in Contemporary Performance Practice degree from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I trained as an actor previous to this at college, but the undergrad I took not only taught me skills in performing but[…]

Francesco Pellino

I am an Italian that has been residing in France since 2016. I am 35 years old but at 19 I attended the School of Dramatic Art in Milan. First the CTA then Paolo Grassi and between seminars, workshops, auditions and special classes I enjoyed the training period and I had fruitful experiences. It was[…]

Aaron Jan

I went to Ryerson for performance acting, got told to leave after a semester and then went to York University for devised theatre and playwriting. Theatre school was such a strange experience for me. My first experience was really abusive and terrifying (mostly because I was desperately trying to not get cut and I would[…]