This project started in an effort to use this time of social distancing to be busy and remain creative. I’ve always felt that there is a huge disparity between the expectations and reality of what life will be like after graduating from theatre school.

“I’m gonna be on Broadway” can sometimes turn into “I’m gonna work in restaurants, and then be an executive assistant, but eventually start my own theatre company”

This curated blog is where people can tell their stories; the good, bad and ugly. The unlikely and hilarious paths that this life has lead us down. This isn’t meant to be a sobering reality, but rather a resource to add some levity and fun truths about what life can be like after theatre school.

Some initial suggestions or prompts for blog posts included:
* Where did you go to Theatre School and what was your experience?
* What did you expect your life would be like after graduating?
* What was it actually like?
* Did you find yourself in any jobs outside of theatre? Did your theatre background help or hinder you in those jobs?
* What were the delightfully unexpected results of following your passion?

But, this project is not meant to be a definitive history of an artist’s time since theatre school, it could be a small anecdote or interesting moment that one has found themselves in over the years.

This blog has initially been launched onWorld Theatre Day (March 27th, 2020). My goal is to add at least one new story to the blog each week. If you’d like to participate and share your stories, send me your blog post using the contact form on this site.